The right and duty of a person to dissent
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Moving to Blogger !!

All, I am moving to blogger site and have migrated all existing posts there and added few new ones. Going forward, I will post only there and request you to add up that site for any future reference !! The new blog is: http://valueofdissent.blogspot.com Thanks Advertisements

Indian Coal Sector – Need For Speed !

The Approach Paper to Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17) proposes a faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth with a target of 9% annual growth rate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Considering India’s elasticity of commercial energy demand with respect to GDP, which currently is being used as 0.80 for all planning purposes, translates into a commercial … Continue reading

Public Expenditure & Defence Budget of India

§ Public Expenditure [Note: Other terms used interchangeably are Public Finance OR Government Expenditure] As the name suggests, public expenditure (hereafter PUBEX) consists of all expenses incurred by Government on various activities under its remit. In the nineteenth century, PUBEX under the influence of the classical (the likes of Adam Smith et. al.), played a limited … Continue reading

Food Management in India – Status Update !

(Note: The following post attempts to explain the food management structure in India. It does not dwell deeper into food security policy reforms needed. That will perhaps be topic of my next post on food policy.)   In the 21st Century, a civilised society cannot allow any of its citizens to die of starvation or … Continue reading

“When India sneezes; the world’s agricultural markets catch a cold.”

The Indian South West Monsoon or Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall (ISMR) is planet Earth’s most productive wet season. The monsoon generates over 80% of the annual rainfall across the country and is vital for the Indian Economy, being the main source of water for agriculture, and contributes about 17% to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Other than … Continue reading

South China Sea – Mare Nostrum?

The South China Sea is a marginal sea, joining the Southeast Asian states with the Western Pacific, functioning as the throat of global sea routes. There are two main island groups in the South China Sea – the Paracel Islands are in the northern part, about 200 miles from the coast of Vietnam and the Spratly islands which is spread through the … Continue reading

Agni-V : Details

Agni – V is a three-stage, solid propellant MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle) missile with a range of 5,000 kms and can carry a nuclear warhead weighing over 1-1.5 tonne. The missile can cover most of Asia, parts of Africa and Europe. With Agni-V, India entered the league of Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) … Continue reading

Agni-V – What Is The Way Forward ?

Why does every move in our country(India) these days, draw cynicism and have some ‘desi Durkheim’ amongst us crib about India’s state of poverty, health, malnutrition ? And then someone will draw our dear old ‘Paaji‘ (the punjabi one, not Bengali), doing something funny, and then starts the unending ‘Fabebook Bashing’ , ‘Re tweets’ , “Bharat Mata … Continue reading

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